Chinese Medicine restores and enhances both male and female fertility, supporting optimal preconception wellness.

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with IUI/IVF, our specialists will work closely with you (and your partner) to address a broad range of conditions that may be impacting your fertility and ability to conceive.


natural fertility enhancement

With acupuncture, herbal therapy, diet, nutrition, and fertility-friendly lifestyle & supplement recommendations, we work with women and men to improve reproductive blood flow, optimize egg & sperm quality, establish healthy uterine lining, and stabilize progesterone function, to help enhance your fertility, naturally.


By addressing menstrual cycle irregularities, regulating hormone & metabolic function, restoring proper blood dynamics, and calming an inflamed immune response, we can help you overcome the hurdles associated with many conditions of infertility, such as PCOS, Endometriosis, and Auto-Immune Hashimoto’s Disease.

infertility conditions


ivf acupuncture

Receiving acupuncture alongside assisted reproductive technologies plays a supportive role in improving pregnancy and live birth outcomes. IVF Acupuncture is recommended by many Reproductive Endocrinologists as complementary & integrative care to reduce side-effects and increase success of conventional fertility treatments.


We work closely with women throughout the first trimester to help reduce miscarriage risk and support healthy embryonic and fetal development. By stabilizing progesterone function, calming the uterus, and improving fetal-placental circulation, acupuncture can promote a healthy, nutrient-rich environment for baby to thrive.

miscarriage support


stress relief & fertility

Acupuncture is well known for its ability to reduce stress & anxiety by resetting the nervous system into a parasympathetic ‘rest, digest & reproduce’ state. When your body is in a chronic state of stress, cortisol levels rise negatively impacting blood sugar, hormones, thyroid activity, circulation, inflammation, and in short, your fertility.


By assessing ovarian reserve, sperm parameters, thyroid function, hormone levels, and other diagnostic markers of reproductive health, we approach fertility care through a comprehensive & functional lens to properly identify underlying fertility challenges, inform direction of treatment, and make timely referrals as needed.

holistic fertility testing



general timing

To receive maximum benefit from fertility acupuncture, regular treatments are recommended for at least three full menstrual cycles when trying to conceive or preparing for IUI/IVF.

during ivf cycles

During IUI/IVF, additional acupuncture treatments are often recommended 12-24 hours before and after intrauterine insemination, egg retrieval, and fertilized embryo transfer.

first trimester

Once there is a positive pregnancy test weekly treatments throughout the first trimester, and especially the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, are recommended and strongly encouraged.

Treatment Timing

It's never too late or too early to start. No matter where you are along your journey toward parenthood, there are many ways we can support you in maximizing your fertility and getting closer to that positive pregnancy test and a happy, healthy baby.